In Tamil Nadu RNTCP is implemented since 2001.Today RNTCP covers 33 districts in Tamil Nadu with a total population of 771.26 lakhs. In the year 2016 about 766375 presumptive TB cases were screened and 82055 patients were registered for TB. There are 461 TB units and 829 Designated Microscopy Centres across the state to carry on the diagnosis and treatment of TB. The total TB case notification in Tamil Nadu is 122 cases per lakh for the year 2016, an overall increase of 17/lakh from 2015.

TB-HIV collaborative activities are well established in the state with 705 co-located Designated Microscopic Centres (DMC) with Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres (ICTCs). All Presumptive TB cases as well as diagnosed cases are referred for HIV testing and all clients attending ICTC’s and HIV positive cases from ART centres are referred to RNTCP for screening for any TB infection. Tamil Nadu has a TB HIV co-infection rate of 5%. ‘3 - I’ project is also fully implemented in all the Districts. All patients referred from ART centres are tested using CBNAAT & all PLHIV without TB are given chemoprophylaxis with INH 300 mg daily for 6 months to prevent them from developing TB later. 99 Dots, an ICT based tool for surveillance of drug intake by co-infected cases has also been implemented throughout the State.

There is good coordination with NDSP & all diagnosed TB cases are also tested for diabetes and diabetic cases are also screened for TB.

The State has also implemented Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant TB services since 2009.In the year 2016 about 75578 presumptive Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) TB cases were tested by CDST for MDR TB and around 1561 patients were diagnosed with RR/MDR TB .There are 33 Gene X-pert machines in the state along with 3 LPA labs catering to the MDR diagnostic services to cover all the districts. There are 3 labs with MGIT (liquid culture) & 6 CDST labs with solid culture facilities. Second IRL in Madurai also will be fully functional with LPA, MGIT & Solid culture. For every 10 million population one Drug Resistant TB centre has been established and as such 6 DR TB centres are functional & the 7th one is under up gradation. Establishing of District level DRTB Centres are in the pipeline for decentralization of .MDR treatment initiation at District level.

Bed aquiline the latest potent drug for treatment of TB has been introduced in Tamil Nadu from 2016 May & so far 57 cases have been registered. There are 2 State Drug Stores, one in Chennai and the other at Trichy and 31 district drug stores for drug procurement, storage and distribution of RNTCP drugs as per norms for distributing patient wise boxes free of cost to patients. Case based web based notification with real time entries of TB cases on NIKSHAY portal is done regularly.

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